Automated Observability

Save yourself from squandering time, effort, and toil constantly redefining schemas, regexes, parse statements, queries, and alerts. Let the automation and ML give you effortless insights to keep mission critical systems up and running.


Technology Brief

Automatically surface anomalies and investigate root cause

Say goodbye to manual toil. Learn how Edge Delta’s Automated Observability works.

Solutions Brief

Optimize your data in real time to lower observability costs and improve MTTR

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    Intelligently analyze 100% of logs, metrics, and traces as soon as they’re generated, at any scale. Edge Delta uses unsupervised and supervised ML to form patterns, extract metrics, and derive meaningful insights in real time which are then streamed to your other platforms.

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    Visualize insights in your preferred observability platform, while drastically reducing costs or repurposing capacity to monitor more systems. Edge Delta enables you to index the insights that matter in your platform, while preserving all of your raw data in low-cost storage.

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    Detect and remediate issues exponentially faster than is possible with standalone observability platforms. Edge Delta automatically derives insights and identifies anomalies at the source, so you can understand the root cause and solve issues without running complex queries.

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Omer Singer
Edge Delta’s technology, combined with Snowflake Data Cloud, frees up engineers and analysts to use log data and metrics, rather than manage around limitations of traditional solutions.Omer SingerHead of Cybersecurity Strategy @ Snowflake
Amit Mathur
A new architecture that has the potential to fundamentally remove limitations, opening up a whole new set of possibilities.Amit MathurVP of Product Engineering, Sinclair Digital
Joan Pepin
Edge Delta’s approach to this problem is key to keeping up with your rapidly growing footprint and ensuring full visibility and the ability to correlate across all machine data.Joan PepinFounder and CEO at ZeroWall (prior CISO at Auth0, Nike, Sumo Logic)
Patrick Byrne
The new Intelligent Observability Pipelines allow for accurate predictions and dynamic data routing, drastically reducing the mean-time-to identify and recover from potential production incidents.Patrick ByrneSenior PM at Boeing
William Peteroy
The company that I’m most excited about in this space is Edge Delta who is developing IT and Security analytics that don’t require a SIEM, data warehouse or data lake to be effectiveWilliam PeteroyFounder and CEO at Icebrg
Brendten Eickstaedt
Edge Delta provided us a view into issues we didn’t know were going on. It detected anomalies on its own without us having to specify what it should be looking for.Brendten EickstaedtCTO @ Fama
Dhanush J. Suhas
All of our logs and metrics are being optimized and centralized into a single platform, in turn helping our engineers quickly diagnose problems in one or two minutes, versus 15 or 20.Dhanush J. SuhasSRE Lead @ Webscale

See how Edge Delta can help you

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    Predictive Analytics

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    Integrate Anything

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    Distributed Log Clustering

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    True Real-Time Alerting

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    Intelligent Summaries and Insights

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    Raw Data and Bandwith Reduction

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    Production Release Optimization - Continuous Reliability

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    Better Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

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    Automated Root Cause Analysis

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