Gain clear insight into every service

  • Reduce noise and simplify troubleshooting by grouping logs into patterns
  • Visualize your Kubernetes resources end-to-end and understand health at a glance
  • Monitor even the most granular Kubernetes components

Detect every issue, resolve in minutes

  • Surface every anomaly – even those you’ve never seen or built rules to catch
  • Automatically capture the raw data and impacted components tied to every alert
  • Trigger alerts automatically at the infrastructure level within Slack, PagerDuty and more

Automate toil away from monitoring

  • Empower developers to own their services without relying on other teams
  • Configurations adapt to every deployment – no more manually updating dashboards and alerts
  • Make overwhelming datasets easy to consume and take action on

Super League Gaming reduces troubleshooting times by 6x

The esports platform started using Edge Delta so their developers could access larger datasets and save time troubleshooting issues.

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Explore the features our customers love

  • Kubernetes Overview

    An always up-to-date, consumable map of your Kubernetes resources and their health.

  • Patterns

    Auto-generated log patterns help you filter through noisy loglines and quickly identify changes in your environment.

  • Findings

    Every alert shows the raw data and location of the incident or anomaly for faster troubleshooting.

  • Live Search

    Ability to search and run queries on all log data ingested into Edge Delta whenever you need to.

  • Logs to Metrics

    High-volume, overwhelming datasets are summarized into lightweight KPIs that are easy track over time.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Every anomaly is caught automatically – even those that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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