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  • Article thumbnail imageTechCrunch
    Edge Delta rakes in $63M for its distributed approach to data observability

    The startup has raised $63 million, money that it will be using both to expand how it integrates with different services — it already supports some 50 technologies — and to expand its business overall.

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  • Article thumbnail imageCRN
    AWS Summit San Francisco 2022: The 15 Coolest Products

    Intel, Fortinet, Anodot, ClearScale and Edge Delta were among the showfloor vendors in attendance at the Amazon Web Services Summit event in San Francisco last week.

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  • Article thumbnail imageThe Register
    What a mesh: Snowflake punts edge tech tie-up at SecOps teams

    Cloud-native data warehouse vendor Snowflake and Edge Delta have spun up a new SecOps architecture they claim will broaden the application of analytics in a security information and event management (SIEM) product…

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  • Article thumbnail imagePRNewswire
    Edge Delta and Snowflake bring novel approach to solve a growing problem in Security and DevOps

    It is widely accepted that data analytics insights are necessary to run a sustainable business in this modern age. Being complacent and ultimately disrupted by a competitor…

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  • Article thumbnail imageMedium
    Edge Computing Brings Real-Time Alerts to Security Data Lakes

    If you’re like me, you’ve heard some buzz about a concept called “edge computing” but are skeptical about another fluffy term in cybersecurity. Is this a trend worth our attention?

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  • Article thumbnail imageMarTechSeries
    Edge Delta Raises a $3.0 Million Seed Round to Bring Federated Learning to Enterprise Devops and Security Teams

    Edge Delta, a Seattle-based analytics startup leveraging federated learning in DevOps and Security, raised a $3.0 million seed round led by MaC Venture…

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  • Article thumbnail imageMaC Venture Capital

    There is a lot that can stress Nike management, but surely one such scenario is their point of sale system going down during a new product release. Thousands of customers suddenly unable to purchase goods in stores or online due to a system...

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  • Article thumbnail imageGeekwire
    Ex-Microsoft engineers land $3M to launch distributed computing platform Edge Delta

    Edge Delta, a Seattle, WA-based analytics startup leveraging federated learning in DevOps and Security, raised $3.0m in seed funding.

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