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We make observability better, faster, and less expensive for your team.

Storing !==Indexing

Operational and Security use cases that require real-time insights are forcing engineers today to make difficult decisions around how their production monitoring systems are architected. The exponential growth of data has made the traditional centralized approach of sending all logs, metrics, and traces to be indexed in a one-size-fits-all data lake has become both technically limited and financially infeasible.

Before Edge Delta, this meant making concrete decisions that forced engineering teams into rigid data pipelines. Edge Delta is taking a modern approach to observability by giving enterprises the ability to use distributed stream processing and federated machine learning capabilities for intelligent, dynamic, and automated data routing to optimal destinations.

Organizations now have access to limitless analytics and unparalleled visibility leading to significant operational efficiencies and predictability that was previously not possible.



  • Ozan Unlu

    Ozan Unlu

    Founder & CEO

  • Fatih Yildiz

    Fatih Yildiz

    Founder & CTO

  • Karl Evans

    Karl Evans

    Director of Solutions Engineering

  • Zachary Quiring

    Zachary Quiring

    Director of Product

  • Henry Buckingham

    Henry Buckingham

    Sales Director

  • Alex Hanhauser

    Alex Hanhauser

    Sales Director

  • Maria Doucedame

    Maria Doucedame

    Sales Director

  • Nick Coffee

    Nick Coffee

    Vice President of Sales

  • Steve Duras

    Steve Duras

    Director of Sales Development

  • Carson Greengrove

    Carson Greengrove

    Sales Development Representative

  • Brian Mundelius

    Brian Mundelius

    Sales Development Representative

  • Keaton Forrest

    Keaton Forrest

    Sales Development Representative

  • Jessica Langmaid

    Jessica Langmaid

    VP of Business Operations

  • Conrad de Claro

    Conrad de Claro

    Director of Demand Generation

  • Chris Plumb

    Chris Plumb

    Creative Director

  • Akin Karakaya

    Akin Karakaya

    Sr. Customer Success Engineer

  • Albert Lam

    Albert Lam

    Customer Success Engineer

  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

    Principal Sales Engineer

  • Gavin Haines

    Gavin Haines

    Sales Development Representative

  • Randy Boysen

    Randy Boysen

    VP of Americas Sales

  • Matt Snitowsky

    Matt Snitowsky

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Riley Peronto

    Riley Peronto

    Director of Product Marketing

  • Michael Peck

    Michael Peck

    Sales Development Rep

  • Zack Solomon

    Zack Solomon

    Sales Director

  • Tom (TK) Kane

    Tom (TK) Kane

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Onur Yildiz

    Onur Yildiz

    Senior Customer Success Manager

  • Jesse Gibbs

    Jesse Gibbs

    Head of Product

  • Ohad Almog

    Ohad Almog

    VP of Customer Success

  • Courtney Burrow

    Courtney Burrow

    Sales Development Intern

  • Graham Root

    Graham Root

    Sales Development Intern

  • Martin Lewald

    Martin Lewald

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

  • Colin Farnan

    Colin Farnan

    Sales Director

  • Dylan Hathaway

    Dylan Hathaway

    Sales Development Intern

  • Michael Sautter

    Michael Sautter

    Sales Director

  • Flannery Tirtomihardjo

    Flannery Tirtomihardjo

    Business Operations Coordinator

  • George Mawanda-Kalema

    George Mawanda-Kalema

    Sales Development Representative

  • Brendan Reeves

    Brendan Reeves

    Director of Revenue Operations

  • Gabriella Leeser

    Gabriella Leeser

    Human Resource Business Partner

  • Mike Oberlin

    Mike Oberlin

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • TJ Vasquez Jr.

    TJ Vasquez Jr.

    Senior Customer Success Engineer

  • Matt Whitmarsh

    Matt Whitmarsh

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Alexander Carroll

    Alexander Carroll

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Lionel Marks

    Lionel Marks

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Matt Zabielski

    Matt Zabielski

    Head of Sales East

  • Nick Galluch

    Nick Galluch

    Head of Marketing

  • Cameron Wilson

    Cameron Wilson

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Lauren Cheshire

    Lauren Cheshire

    Director of Sales Development

  • Manhattan Lowell

    Manhattan Lowell

    Sales Development Representative

  • Raheim Mooney

    Raheim Mooney

    Senior Marketing Operations Manager

  • Angelo Svihelj-Smith

    Angelo Svihelj-Smith

    Sales Development Representative

  • Olivia Crum

    Olivia Crum

    Sales Development Intern

  • Dasia Peltola

    Dasia Peltola

    Recruiting Coordinator

  • Jason Odden

    Jason Odden

    Head of Technical Enablement

  • Matthew Saldivar

    Matthew Saldivar

    Head of Sales - West

  • Kay Kakish

    Kay Kakish

    Senior Technical Recruiter

  • Albert Fierro

    Albert Fierro

    Recruiting Coordinator

  • Ash Mathew

    Ash Mathew

    Director of Employee Experience

  • Sheila Brown

    Sheila Brown

    Field Marketing Manager

  • Katrina Ferrari

    Katrina Ferrari

    Senior Program Manager

  • Alexandra Gardner

    Alexandra Gardner

    Sales Development Intern


  • Taylan Isikdemir

    Taylan Isikdemir

    Infrastructure Technical Lead

  • Tyler Burkhardt

    Tyler Burkhardt

    Frontend Technical Lead

  • Ozgur Batur

    Ozgur Batur

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mustafa Veysi Soyvural

    Mustafa Veysi Soyvural

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Abdulla Ahmadkhan

    Abdulla Ahmadkhan

    Software Engineer

  • Orhan Asan

    Orhan Asan

    Software Engineer

  • Dave Reese

    Dave Reese

    Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen

    Software Engineer

  • Tuncer Kaplankiran

    Tuncer Kaplankiran

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Ozan Sazak

    Ozan Sazak

    Software Development Engineer

  • Gözde Özcel

    Gözde Özcel

    Software Development Engineer

  • George Alpizar

    George Alpizar

    Senior Technical Writer

  • Justin Tung

    Justin Tung

    Frontend Engineer II

  • Yigit Varli

    Yigit Varli

    Software Engineer

  • Ömer Ege Kara

    Ömer Ege Kara

    Software Engineer

  • Ruth Ansah

    Ruth Ansah

    Frontend Engineer II

  • Sett Oo

    Sett Oo

    Software Engineer II

  • Sam Urton

    Sam Urton

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Latif Uysal

    Latif Uysal

    Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Doga Uzuncukoğlu

    Doga Uzuncukoğlu

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Samrat Ambadekar

    Samrat Ambadekar

    Senior Product Designer

  • Eric Yin

    Eric Yin

    Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Yoandy Terradas-Otero

    Yoandy Terradas-Otero

    Senior Software Engineer

Advisor team

  • William Peteroy

    William Peteroy


  • Tianhui Li

    Tianhui Li


  • Joan Pepin

    Joan Pepin


  • Dalton Van Hatcher

    Dalton Van Hatcher


  • Brian Goldfarb

    Brian Goldfarb


Investor team

  • Tim Tully

    Tim Tully

    Menlo Ventures

  • Adrian Fenty

    Adrian Fenty

    Mac Venture Capital

  • Peter Bell

    Peter Bell

    Amity Ventures

Our mission

At Edge Delta, we believe there is a better way to do observability. A more efficient, simple, faster way in which you no longer have to make tough decisions regarding which datasets are valuable enough to monitor. We’re excessively passionate about providing full visibility. Our mission is to help organizations achieve simple and optimized monitoring through our software, expertise, and community.

Ozan Unlu and Zach Quiring at Edge Delta HQ

Our founding

The company was founded by Ozan Unlu and Fatih Yildiz in 2018. After having experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional monitoring technologies from two different perspectives, their knowledge and experience combined with recent advances in technology allowed the founding team to take a novel approach to solve immediate needs for DevOps, IT/Ops, SRE, and Security teams.

As a Dev Lead at Microsoft working on Azure and Security teams and a tenured Senior Solutions Architect at Sumo Logic, Ozan had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations from small startups to large enterprises to help implement and improve their architecture and observability infrastructure. Fatih, a highly respected and seasoned software engineer at Microsoft and Twitter, developed and operated highly complex distributed systems at petabyte scales.

Through their experiences they both arrived at the conclusion that centralizing, indexing, and storing all raw observability data, at all times, is a model that needs to be improved upon to support real time and operational use cases. Their history working on projects together as engineers at Microsoft brought them back together. Today, they are passionate about working with engineering teams across the industry to learn and understand how the Edge Delta platform can most effectively solve prevalent problems in logs, traces, and metrics data sets.

Our experience

The founding team at Edge Delta has a diverse, yet harmonious background, that’s allowed for developing the novel technology in a crowded space. With engineers from Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Sumo Logic, the team has taken the lessons learned from engineering cloud-scale technology, and applied those to a cloud-scale problem – observability. The observability sophistication at these companies is necessary, yet the underlying technology and concepts are applicable to all organizations where customer satisfaction, uptime, reliability, and data security of crucial importance.


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